Friday, April 13, 2012

Oreo truffles!

You've probably already heard of these if not tried them. But either way, I attempted them and ended up falling in love! To make them, pulverize some oreos (I made 40 truffles using an entire pack of oreos) in a food processor. Then mix in cream cheese until you get a thick mixture that sticks together. I used half a cream cheese block for a pack of oreos. Roll the "dough" into balls and freeze for a half hour. Lastly, melt some semi-sweet chocolate chips in a bowl mixed with a small spoonful of vegetable oil. Then dip and freeze again. I sprinkled powdered sugar on them for a more interesting look. These are the most amazing, easy truffles ever! For a St. Patrick's Day twist, I used mint oreos. They tasted just like Thin Mints (a.k.a addicting cookies filled with girl scout joy!). Yum! Happy crafting!

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