Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer OOTD

Yay! First Outfit Of The Day! Here's a new thing I'll hopefully do more often! This was yesterdays but I didn't have time to upload it. but here ya go! :)
For the outfit itself I got this really cute peachy lace crop top and shorts from Kohl's. I know it's not in the pic but I also had on black converse. I'm not sure where the necklace is from (I got it as a gift) but it's my favorite part of the outfit! (Sorry about the quality. Once again, I used my phone...)

 Here's my hair. I was getting so sick of my straight, lifeless hair. So I went to bed with foam rollers in (ouch!). But in the morning, it ended up being a little uncontrollably crazy. So I just grabbed it all, but it in a really small braid, and bobby pinned the loose layers down.

This is just a view from the side. My bangs were really pretty (and actually curled normal) so I left them down on both sides.
This is just a farther back pic. Nothing special. ;-).
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Have a fantastically amazing day!

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