Monday, June 25, 2012

Dip Dyed Summer Hair

 Hey guys! Happy Monday! Sorry about the set up of this computer doesn't want to cooporate! :)
So yesterday, Grace and I decided, "Hey, let's dye our hair." So we headed to the store and picked up way too many packs of Kool-Aid. Before you say, "I don't wanna read this," KEEP READING!
 So all you need is: paint brushes (optional), a bowl, kool-aid, tin foil, water, and..oh ya! Hair! Also have lots and lots and llloottss of paper towels nearby!
 To start, mix a pack of Kool-Aid with water in the bowl. But your hair in pig tails and dip the ends into the mixture. This does get messy so be careful! It stains!
 See, I told you it got messy!
 After dipping the ends of the pigtails in (Grace did three on each side to get all her layers),wrap them in tinfoil. This lets the color set and prevents it from staining everything you come in contact with. Leave the tinfoil on for at LEAST 30 min. We did 2 hours. When you're ready to take the tinfoil off, leave the hair in pig tails and run the dyed parts under water from the sink for a couple of minutes. It will probably look like all the colors coming out, but trust me, it's not. Then blow dry until it's dry.
 I recommend using gloves! This is after washing my hands nearly 200 times with about 50 different types of soap (well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little).

 This is how Grace's hair turned out. Her hair already has a little red tone to it, so this just enhanced it.
 The ends are really red! I think hers ended up really pretty and subtle. Perfect for summer.
Mine on the other hand, stands out much more! I (obviously) have lighter hair so it shows up better. I have short layers so I used a paintbrush to brush streak higher into my hair. I'm not sure how long this will last but I'll definitely keep you guys updated! Don't forget to comment!


  1. Hey Ashley -
    Where do I find the kool-aid in rainbow colors? Popa wants a new look -

    1. To create a ranbow effect, prepare a few bowls of the kool-aid in different colors. Then dip different locks of hair into the colors. I hope that made sence. :) good luck!

  2. i like how it's not fire-engine red. i've been wanting to do this forever!

    1. Same here! And after I brushed through it more, it became softer and more "natural" looking. Good luck. :)

  3. if you wash your hair the next day is it going to come out

    1. For me, i only washed it wish water the first couple days. Then I used shampoo meant for color treated hair and that helped preserve the color. But if you wash it within a few days of dying it with normal shampoo, it'll come right out. Thanks for commenting!(: