Wednesday, July 4, 2012

DIY American Flag Shorts

 Happy Fourth guys! So of course it's way too late for you to make these for fireworks tonight, but who cares? Make them, and wear them any where, any day!So here's what you need: Shorts (duh!), red, whit, and blue fabric paint (I used white spray fabric paint, the other two colors were just regular), painters tape, star stickers, and paint brushes.
 Stuff the shorts with napkins and use tape anywhere you don't want paint to be.
 Spray (or paint) the white ALL over the front of the shorts. Make it as vibrant or dull as you prefer (it's all about personal taste). Then (if using the spray fabric paint), use a paintbrush to spread out the color.
 This is how white I made mine.
 Wait until the shorts are COMPLETELY dry, then tape where you want your stripes to be.

 After you have painted the stripes, place the star stickers however you would like them on the other half.
 Cover with blue fabric paint.
 After it is dry, use tweezers or pliers to slowly pull off the stars.
 Uh oh! Well, my stickers were a fail...
 If yours turned out as trashy as mine, use a paintbrush and more white paint to fill in the stars.
 Carefully pull off the tape. red stripes bled into the white REALLY bad! Now, I took yet another paintbrush and touched it up a bit.
And ta da! They are done! Let them dry, and you now have yourself a new pair of style forward shorts!

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