Monday, July 16, 2012

Mall Haul

 Hey guys! I finally made my way to the mall. The first thing I got was from Love Culture. I have been obsessed with bandeaus lately. So when I found this lace one for only $3.90, I had to get it!
 Yup. It's another bandeau. I got this one from Forever 21 for $2.80! I tend to go crazy in F21! I mean, I walk in and am like, "ohhh my gosh! I just died and went to heaven!" Are you like that? Probably.
 Bath and Body works is now one of my favorite stores! I went in to find a hand sanitizer for my back pack. But that was no easy task! They have 50 different scents! And yes, I had to smell them ALL! I finally-after what seemed like 30 minutes of deliberation-decided on the strawberry scent. But wait!! I also got my favorite body spray (sweet pea) for only $3! It was 75% off!! I have the sweet pea shampoo, conditioner, room freshener, lotion, and now, body spray!
I went in to Ulta to claim my free mini Orly nail polish (if you read Seventeen Magazine you'll know what I'm talking about). So I checked out and was about to head out. It was raining pretty much all day but I assumed it was starting to slow least enough to leave the store.But No! Mother Nature decided to start hailing marbles! And I wasn't about to run through that! So I decided to shop even more. I mean it's Ulta; I would stay there all day! So I ended up leaving with the new Maybelline BB cream and a pack of eye make up removers for my P.E. locker.
 Then off to Aeropstale. I've been looking for a cute lace tank forever! And I finally found it. This GORGEOUS navy blue one was on sale for $12!! The best part is...I had just gotten that navy blue bandeau that would look amazing under it! Remember? I should have an OOTD with this shirt soon. ;-)

 I then went to Express! No joke; this place is expensive! But I did a little internet surfing the day before and found a coupon that would get me $15 off my purchase of $30+. And on top of that, I had a gift card for $25.
 This over sized, off the shoulder sweat shirt is regularly $50, but on sale for $30. Then with my coupon, it came down to $15! I used my gift card and still had $10 left. So why not look for something else?
 Then I came across their perfume. And it smelled delicious! Similar to Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck. But I didn't have an extra fifty dollars to buy the full sized, so I settled for the $15 roller ball. Using the rest of my gift card, I only had to pay $5 out of my pocket. I'll do the math for you...I got $75 worth of stuff for only FIVE DOLLARS! Yay!
My last stop was PacSun. I love this place. I've been needing camis for a while so when I saw that their regularly $6.50 camis on sale for 2/$10, I had to get some. These were my fave! I needed a black (of course!) but also really wanted a maroon. And sure enough, they had one!

So that's my mall haul for you! Be ready for my Favorites post along with m e.l.f. haul! Bye!

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