Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Old School Trend, Present Day Fad

Moccasins: the old fashioned grandfather shoe that has made a major u-turn and is now  the trending footwear of the fall. Every girl has asked, "Mom! What shoes should I wear with this skirt?!" Unless, you know, you have a pair of these virtually universal shoes. From skinny jeans, to a floral skirt, moccasins have practically taken over the fashion industry and are a go to fall essential, even in the coldest weather.

Still not loving the trend? Well try this! Until I actually took a good look at her from the side, I thought she just had a pretty fantastic fashion sense. Then I saw it. And like bam! I was in love. This modern twist on the old school moccasins made me realize why girls have such an "unhealthy addiction"  (or as I like to say "a perfectly normal hobby") of collecting shoes. I mean, who wouldn't obsess over such an exquisite pair of wedge moccasins?! That's what I thought.

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