Sunday, October 7, 2012

September Favorites

♥Hey guys! I think you know what time it is! SEPTEMBER FAVORITES!! So this time, I only have like 5 items to show you. Sad. But that's okay because I have tons more posts coming your way! So let us get started.

The first item or I guess itemssss would be my EOS collection! (comment below and tell me how you pronounce that. E-O-S or eos) I love these babies! The only downside is that they are hard to put in your pocket :/. Anyhoo, I have way too many but use them all! (Front to back: Strawberry Sorbet, Watermelon Wonderland, Sweet Vanilla Nonsense, Summer Fruit, Blueberry Potion, and Lemon Drop)

Next I have my Babylips! I've had Peach Kiss forever but never loved it too much because it was a weird color with my skin tone. So last night I decided I would give two more a shot. And I LOVE them! They are so cute and the slight color they give to your lips is gorgeous. They remind me of those high end Sugar ones (the Sephora B-day gift this year). Left to right: Peach Kiss, Cherry Me, and Pink Punch.

I have been OBSESSED with Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck. If you haven't tried it yet, then you haven't smelt the best perfume there is. Unfortunately I haven't bought it yet (D:), but every time I go to Ulta or Sephora I spray myself with it about 10-15 times (I am not even kidding).

 What?! Another lip product? You know it! This is more of a backpack necessity then a September Favorite. This is the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Honey. It is so pretty and lasts forever!
This is another backpack necessity. Not necessarily this scent, but the Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers are amazing. Confession/tip time: if you want to smell good in the middle of class, pull out your favorite sanitizer. These create an aroma of glorious smells. That sentence sounded way too professional!
 Finally, as I always do, here's my food favorite. Saltwater Taffy. As you can obviously see, I just keep it in a giant jar. In my room. For me too eat anytime I want. Oh yeah!

So that's my September Faves for you all! Hope you liked it! Comment below the tags/tutorials/reviews/anything you want to see! And don't forget to subscribe♥

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