Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Naked 2!

 Gosh. Am I the last one to blog about this? Probably. Well better late than never! So my birthday was last week (happy birthday to me!) and this was one of my gifts from my parents (thank you if your reading this!♥). I didn't know whether I wanted to use it right away or save it and keep it as eye candy. But I started playing around with it and fell in an even deeper love.

 The shadows are crisp and the duo ended brush is soft as a feather. There's a protective plastic over the mirror and palette to ensure the product is delivered in amazing condition.


 I know these swatches are backwards from the palette. Oh well! These colors are so pigmented and soft and amazing! I absolutely love them all!

 From left to right: Snakebite, Tease, Chopper, Bootycall, Half Baked, Foxy


 From left to right: Blackout, Busted, YDK, Verve, Pistol, Suspect, Snakebite

So, if you haven't picked up the Naked 2 palette, put it at the top of your holiday wishlist. It is so worth the money and should be in anybody's makeup collection.

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  1. Hey I nominated you for the Elegant Blogger Award!
    -Jenna <3