Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baseball lace bracelet

I saw this bracelet on a website and decided to try it! I think it turned out really cute and it's fairly simple and low cost to make.The best part is, each baseball makes two! All you need to do is take a craft knife or an X-acto knife and cut along the lacing of the baseball or softball. Then using a little elbow grease, pull it right off. Cut the lace ring in half, then in half again. Just use one of the two pieces for the rest of this. Undo the lacing about two to three inches (or however much needed to wrap nicely around your wrist) on both ends and cut off the extra leather. Last, tie it around your wrist :). For mine, I attached a clasp on the ends so I wouldn't have to tie/untie over and over again. Happy crafting!

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