Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Favorites

 My first fave this season are the Anthropologie inspired headbands. Of course you want to keep your hair up and out of your face and these headbands are amazing for that! They don't slip out and look super cute! You can get a two pack at Target for $2.50!
 My next favorite isn't necessarily one thing but a line of things. And that's Bath and Body Works' fragrances! They last hours and are super subtle. If you read my last post (shame on you if you didn't! Just kidding, I still love you!), you would know I am OBSESSED with Sweet Pea! So of course, that's the scent I got.
 Now onto makeup! As far as lip care, I am in love with Nivea! I'm sorry, but I am over the Eos fad...maybe. Anyway! These lip balms are perfect size for your pocket and leave a beautiful color on your lips. This one is in Cherry and is my favorite when it comes to red lips!
 The next favorite is my e.l.f. tinted moisturizer with spf! It is amazing and leaves your skin looking soft and natural! I like it more then ANY other tinted moisturizer (including Maybelline's BB cream) and it's only $3!!
 My absolute FAVE lotion ever is Olay quench with mica! It leaves your legs so soft for so long! But here's the best gives you vampire legs (Twilight Saga nerd alert!)! Out in the sun, they glisten! It is amazing!!
 Wow. I had two mascaras tie for favorite! My Lash Blast Fusion in the darkest black one and NatureLuxe in brown. I love them! Here's a trick to extend lashes! Apply your regular black mascara (my Lash Blast Fusion) and let it dry. Then apply a shade lighter (my NatureLuxe in brown) to the top half of your lashes. This will make them look instantly longer and give your eyes a pop.

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