Monday, September 3, 2012

Mall Haul Time!

 Yes! I finally made it to the mall with my friends. I only had $20 though so I probably didn't get anything good...right? WRONG! Wait and see! First up, I got these beautiful turquoise earrings from F21 for only $3.80!!!! They are probably my favorite pair ever right now!


 Next, I found this really pretty (really pretty is an understatement) top/blouse/whatchamacallit for $9.99!! So cheap! But then, it was BOGO Free!!!!!! INSANE!

 So the other item I got (free) was this sparkly black pencil skirt. I ended up paying about $5 each for these two items and they are so cute! (F21 by the way). So now my total is up to $13.80.
 Next I went to Aero. Love that place. And I found this simple v-neck tshirt in the five dollar bin. whhhaaa?? Yes! This is probably the softest shirt I have ever owned!
 See the little Aero logo? It's authentic! ;)
Regularly $17.50?! I didn't know this until I was taking this picture ten minutes ago! So I spent $18 on four incredibly cute items! so about $4.25 each! No flippen way!