Sunday, September 16, 2012

Confessions of a Beauty Blogger Tag

Hey guys! So this is a new tag I have been so excited to do! So here's how it works:

Answer the 10 questions listed below.
Come up with 5 confessions of your own.
Tag up to 10 other bloggers (be sure to leave a comment on their blog so they know to do it!).
And most of all, HAVE FUN! Here we go!

1. What's more important: washing your hair or your face?
 Hair! My face doesn't break out too easily but my hair gets really greasy.
2. How often do you clean your makeup brushes?
Less often than I should....
3. If you could keep only one high end makeup product, what would it be?
Urban Decay Primer Potion! This was my first "high end makeup item" I got when I was 10 from my mom. 
4. Mascara or lip color? Choose ONE!! They are both so amazing! Probably lip color! Eye liner can be used to give the illusion of long lashes but without lipstick, my makeup is bland. 
5. What brand is the majority of your makeup?
E.l.f. Don't judge! For a buck, this stuff is insane!
6. You just won a contest and will receive a $500 gift card to Forever 21 or Sephora. Which would you accept?
F21 any day! I have *enough* makeup (I always want more) but you can never have enough clothes! Anyways, who needs $500 worth of makeup?
7. Who's your favorite beauty guru/beauty blogger? Why?
Right now, Macbarbie07 or Stilababe09. They are both so sweet and outgoing and I just love them!(:
8. Eyebrows or Eyelashes? Choose ONE!
Eyebrows. Eyeliner on your waterline can give the look of eyelashes. I need my brows!
9. Best drugstore for makeup?
Walgreens. CVS is WWAAYY overpriced!!
10. Are you a natural or exotic makeup girl?

Confession Time!
1. I hardly ever take my makeup off. Yup. Sad. But I don't break out (I have no idea why) so I never even think about it!
2. If you read my other tag, you would already know this. I am way too influenced by what my beauty gurus say! If they love a product, then I must also! Right...?!
3. I never really "change up my look." I wear the same makeup and hairdo almost everyday of summer, then a different look for winter. And that's that.
4. I only wear makeup to school. On the weekends, I'll do it for fun but I don't make a special effort to put it on.
5. I have a hard time deciding favorites! One day I'll love my Revlon Lip Butter and the next will be my Just Bitten Lip Stain!

Now, I tag these fellow bloggers!
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I hope you guys enjoyed this tag!! Even if I didn't tag you,  do this tag and let me know you did it down in the comments! Thanks so much!

-Ashley :-D


  1. Thanks for the tag. I am following your blog now and would love for you to follow back if you would like. I will work on the post!Take care!