Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Brandy Melville Haul

 Oh ♥Brandy♥. I love you so much! I was stoked when I found out there was a BM by my hotel in Santa Monica! I mean  shipping if you order online is $11. No thank you! So obviously I wanted to get a few things. I walked in like "omg! I'm here!" There was one ring in particular that I wanted but obviously they didn't have it. I have great luck. -_- So here's what I picked up. This first ring was $5 and is more of a statement piece.
 I've been wanting a turquoise ring forever and this one is super light and gorgeous! I literally wear it everyday now! Online it's $6. In store it said it was $5. But the cashier gave it to me for $3. ?? Oh well! Who doesn't like a deal!?

 If you follow Brandy on instagram, you obviously have seen this ring more than enough times. All I'm going to say is it's small, simple, and uh-mazing! (Btw, it was only three flippen bucks)
 This sweatshirt is not my style AT ALL! And was ridiculously priced! But hey there...its BRANDY MELVILLE! So ya, I obviously got it. They have it in tons of colors but since it's getting to be fall, I just went with this color.
 Yes! I know those pics were terrible. So here's the sweatshirt off their website (that's why it's blurry). Its called the Courtney Sweater so you can go check it out!

 The best part of Brandy is the one size fits all! No more "does it run small?! But what if it's made for a different body type! Oh my!" So now, I will definitely be ordering off their website. If you haven't been on it, here's the link:  http://brandymelvilleusa.com/

Leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite clothing store is!

P.s. This was what, my third post in a row? Yay! I'm so on top of it now!(:

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